Wednesday, May 26, 2010

achy breaky jaw

the sun is out! (finally)
i have been abed all day.
some tmj problems are arising.
headaches ensuing.
watching youtube videos for stretching.
my jaw aches. not sleeping well.
kimchi soup is my new fave.

i'll try to go outside. take my ice pack with me.
have you ever dealt with this?

image: laurelhurst pond by cori kindred


  1. aw alice i'm sorry you're feeling puny :( that really stinks...hope you're up and running soon! i've never dealt with tmj but have occasional migraines and all i ever want is for it to be dark and cold, and to sleep!

  2. oh man, that sounds terrible! I'm so sorry! like stephanie said, I've never had it; but if it's consolation, i get growing pains allll the time. like, the kind we'd get as kids, in my knees. and it's the worst pain ever, lasting a full 24 hours... too bad i'm still only 5'2".
    hope you feel better! :(