Friday, November 29, 2013

Writing Blocks...

Hiking with Papa at Oaks Bottom in the Fall

I find it hard to finish posts for this blog, reading other mama's stories and "hearing" their writing in such a natural and relateable style makes me hear my writing as forced, and unnatural. Believe me, I know how that style comes across, I've unsubscribed from many blogs, one in particular reminded me of my writing due to the verbose and grand vocabulary! As a book worm, I've always had a particular advantage in my English writing courses, and garnered top scores on my exams. However, I feel that I learned to write for the examiner, not for myself, or an audience of peers.

I recently heard a story on about a woman whose mother held her family and friends to rigorous standards of appropriate conversation. Essentially, she said it was boring to hear about someone's: work/health/dreams... and so on. While these rules are pretty outdated, it got me thinking... unless I am in a specific situation with a friend who I turn to for deep sharing, telling others the dream I had last night isn't really relevant to anyone! Everyone's work is stressful... Everyone is dealing with their health whether it's up, down or stagnating. So think of something interesting! A recent book! Movie! Travel! BABY....?

That is all.