Saturday, February 26, 2011

Modge Podge it

Purchased a new journal, and its ugly cover is sparking a new crafty venture. My extremely talented friend, Jenny from San Fran gifted me a cigar box with sea animals modge podged to every surface. This was in high school so naturally, the box has drifted from my immediate possession.

Can you guess what I've picked for a theme? Yoga Journal illustrations! Its the one magazine I have held onto when all others hit the recycle bin. Now its time for spring cleaning, magazine cutting and crafty, sunny afternoons.

We seeded the backyard lawns and asked the chickens to keep their poop and claws out of the yard and patio. They refused, so we locked them away in their ridiculously spacious coop. No wonder they don't try to escape! If we ever move out of this house, I'd love to plant an herb garden in the space vacated by the chickens. With the straw mulch and their constant digging, pecking, and fertilizing, it should be quite a fertile spot for a thyme creeper. Which also means more bricks! I want to create permeable pathways all over the yard, to enhance the minimal growing season we have under the shady apple tree.

Indoor herb garden idea... Modge Podge Outdoor. (Pretty much I just discovered I've spelled it all wrong. But I'll I like my name for it!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Handstands in Nature

I really need to work on my handstand to keep up with this guy!

Of course, handstands with friends is always the best!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Down by the Bay

We are headed to foggy bayside city explorations in San Francisco! I've been scouring my beloved blogs for some advice, and since I tend to read food/recipe blogs, I have a full list of places to eat! Heidi, the famed blogger of 101 cookbooks, provides a delicious list on her blog, starting with the Mission District! We reserved a couple nights at the Hotel Mirabelle right in the heart of Mission/Guerrero, it look so freaking cute. A restored Victorian hostel with themed private rooms, right in the heart of a bustling, fun neighborhood.
My my dear childhood friend, Jenny, recommended the neighborhood for its bike-ability, and variety of activities! Shopping, parks, munchies, music, I can't wait. San Francisco was high on my list of places to live, however I can't imagine ever wanting to leave Portland. We were originally planning to go for my birthday (which also happens to be on Easter!) but changed our plans when we discovered Jenny and her husband are embarking on a world-wide traveling adventure! So we'll be there for the last few weeks of their San Francisco time, how perfect. They live up in Mill Valley now, a perfect place to go hiking with a young puppy.

Travis is especially excited to wander around Haight Ashbury :) Such a silly hippy boy. I love him so much. We are taking almost a whole week to explore, staying downtown during the week to get a lazy weekday feel of exploring, and hopefully getting out of the city and finding some lovely hills to climb during the weekend!

I am so filled with gratitude and joy! Happy Valentines Day friends!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running away to the Circus

Finally realizing my dream of joining the Circus.

Circus Yoga that is! Next weekend I'm headed up to Seattle with some lovely Portland yoginis to attend the Ring One Immersion workshop. I was blessed to receive the Social Change Scholarship in order to aid me on this path I have found myself walking. It is so amazing to finally feel myself falling into the life I never knew I would live. I was never one of those kids that planned to be a doctor, or teacher, or anything in particular. I loved graphic design so working for a magazine seemed like a gorgeous fit, but it never truly materialized, and I never felt the impetus to drive me there. But yoga. Oh yoga, how it has led me to places I never knew I could find!

Circus Yoga is also coming to Portland for a very special Street Yoga workshop! Its open to all Portland yogis who want to learn more about Street Yoga and experience the very special fun of yoga play.

{Check out the write up on Circus Yoga in Yoga Journal this month!!}
Now it is time to embrace my inner clown.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


breath owl breathe - swimming //into the woods

Is it summer yet??