Saturday, February 26, 2011

Modge Podge it

Purchased a new journal, and its ugly cover is sparking a new crafty venture. My extremely talented friend, Jenny from San Fran gifted me a cigar box with sea animals modge podged to every surface. This was in high school so naturally, the box has drifted from my immediate possession.

Can you guess what I've picked for a theme? Yoga Journal illustrations! Its the one magazine I have held onto when all others hit the recycle bin. Now its time for spring cleaning, magazine cutting and crafty, sunny afternoons.

We seeded the backyard lawns and asked the chickens to keep their poop and claws out of the yard and patio. They refused, so we locked them away in their ridiculously spacious coop. No wonder they don't try to escape! If we ever move out of this house, I'd love to plant an herb garden in the space vacated by the chickens. With the straw mulch and their constant digging, pecking, and fertilizing, it should be quite a fertile spot for a thyme creeper. Which also means more bricks! I want to create permeable pathways all over the yard, to enhance the minimal growing season we have under the shady apple tree.

Indoor herb garden idea... Modge Podge Outdoor. (Pretty much I just discovered I've spelled it all wrong. But I'll I like my name for it!)

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