Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running away to the Circus

Finally realizing my dream of joining the Circus.

Circus Yoga that is! Next weekend I'm headed up to Seattle with some lovely Portland yoginis to attend the Ring One Immersion workshop. I was blessed to receive the Social Change Scholarship in order to aid me on this path I have found myself walking. It is so amazing to finally feel myself falling into the life I never knew I would live. I was never one of those kids that planned to be a doctor, or teacher, or anything in particular. I loved graphic design so working for a magazine seemed like a gorgeous fit, but it never truly materialized, and I never felt the impetus to drive me there. But yoga. Oh yoga, how it has led me to places I never knew I could find!

Circus Yoga is also coming to Portland for a very special Street Yoga workshop! Its open to all Portland yogis who want to learn more about Street Yoga and experience the very special fun of yoga play.

{Check out the write up on Circus Yoga in Yoga Journal this month!!}
Now it is time to embrace my inner clown.

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  1. that is so cool!!! way to go getting the social change scholarship! this is super neat...i want to join the circus.