Friday, May 28, 2010

safe travels my friend

My fellow Americans, have a safe and beautiful Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

achy breaky jaw

the sun is out! (finally)
i have been abed all day.
some tmj problems are arising.
headaches ensuing.
watching youtube videos for stretching.
my jaw aches. not sleeping well.
kimchi soup is my new fave.

i'll try to go outside. take my ice pack with me.
have you ever dealt with this?

image: laurelhurst pond by cori kindred

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i like books

The Selby arrived in my inbox, and really struck a chord with me today. Featuring Jamie Isaia and Anthony Malat, photographer and clothing designer power couple, their house is a maelstrom of fabulosity. They obviously followed the {rules}.
Just this past weekend, Travis and I cleared out our massive bookshelf (which had been pared down by 2 moves previous already) and boxed up the books for reselling. The re-purposed bookshelf is quite lovely with plants and wine glasses, ceramics, cookbooks and board games creating a multi-use area in a new part of the house.

But still, the bookworm in me wants to hoard every aromatic bound-stack of papers. A bookshelf is a visual timeline, much like songs that can take you back, viscerally into a moment in time, a book reminds you of where you were, and how that author changed you in a small, or dramatic way.

So, to get the Selby "all up in my place" I need to collect picture frames, old books, antique trunks, magifying glasses, yellow chairs, gilded mirrors, animal bones...

However opposite of my current minimalist/shedding phase, I look forward to being settled one day in a home where accumulation (but not hoarding!) will occur, bringing wisdom and grace with batty old age.

Friday, May 21, 2010

into the blue

I finally returned to my community pool, after an unfortunately long absence. No wonder I never used my gym membership (finally quit), the tiny, neglected pools are disgusting compared to the clean, blue waters of my deep community center pool! Tall, bright windows on 2 walls, the sunset bringing refracted light into the waters as I reach and pull, kick and flip. Truly there is nothing more cathartic to me than swimming. Even with my super awesome new shoes I can't drag myself out to run on the pavement. But I am planning a super awesome sunny hike for Sunday (if the weather man is correct, and the rains give us a break!)

As I was searching for swimming images for this post, I naturally had to click on the one above. It brought me to an article about lap swim etiquette, which usually is a real bother. Thursday nights at my pool are evidently, one of the worst nights for lap swimmers. Swim Lessons take over one lane, 2 separate aquarobic classes take over 2-3 lanes, leaving us with 2 lanes. Which means the slow paced people have to share with the kick boarders, and the fast speedo dudes have to pace with the medium swimmers. One guy even busted out his kickboard in the fast lane! I gracefully took my kickboard over to the slow lane, and returned when finished with the set.

However, since it has been so long since I hit the pool, I was euphoric just to be there. Nothing could bring me down while floating around, care and gravity free.

After every lap swim, I take off my goggles, remove my swim cap, and dolphin dive down the lane for a few laps. Fortunately, the crowd had cleared out by the time I was ready to go, so I didn't disturb anyone with my childlike nonsense. In the deep end, I flip a few times, bob from the pool floor up to the top with enthusiasm. I feel my hair float and relish the blind sensations of underwater gracefulness. Underwater I am a ballerina, a world-class gymnast, an enchanted mermaid. When I leave the pool, I am a new woman.

images: {1  2}

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A rainy day

Sometimes... I just want to abandon everything.

Row a boat.

Isn't that how Siddhartha did it?

Energy work is churning things in my life. I think the universe is trying to jostle me about a bit.

Well. its working.

Last night a rainbow blazed across the sky as I headed home... a gentle reminder that it is only when the darkest clouds scar the sky that the brightest rainbows are revealed.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

practice, and all is coming

wild iris

I couldn't find my handy little point and shoot camera for our camping adventure at Horning's Hideout, so I was forced to practice with T's DSLR. Overall I love it, but not many of my peacock pictures turned out well. I tried to stick pincha mayurasana next to a lovely dude, but neither he nor I were having it.

sunny day

A moment in time, as I lay in the grass next to a babbling creek bed, watching insects.
Travis and I explored the entire park on mountain bikes, and as he climbed to the top of twisty, adrenaline-junkie trails, I meandered down, the sound of the water pulling me closer through overgrown trails which ended in secluded spots, perfect for quiet contemplation.

Still working on getting back into my routine, I think I should start scheduling posts a week in advance for my yoga training weeks, because the long hours at work take over my evening blogging time!

One day at a time... "Practice, and all is coming" -- Sri K Pattabhi Jois

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tie it up

is almost sold out of these lovelies!
Make your office greener, cleaner and oh so cute.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Oh dear, such a fun, sunny weekend, and now a dreary busy work week. Monday's commute was particularly soggy... essentially like riding through a grounded cloud.

I took many pictures of the magical wonderland that is Horning's Hideout, but have yet to even touch my camera for uploads. This upcoming weekend is another yoga teacher training (with Paul Grilley!!!), which means late hours at work to cover my Friday all day workshop, and yoga homework which is always left to the last minute.

Travis began his new job of hunting for jobs this week. I can't help but envy his "mini vacation" at home, but soon we'll both be super busy, as I plan to take on more yoga teaching as his schedule fills up with bike and food related shifts.

Check out this extremely practical pattern! I love our hardwood floors, it helps me keep the cat fur in check, rather than embedded into carpet. But sometimes it is overwhelming how fast the dust bunnies return!

{greener knitting by the yarn panda}

Sunday, May 9, 2010

the life of the party

I hope I end up just like her :)

1. Mom & Sister
2. Mom & Me & Dad
3. Mom the Ceramist

Friday, May 7, 2010

Viva Oregon!

Viva, originally uploaded by NaPix -- Hmong Soul.
This weekend I am headed out to camp at this spot, for some sunshine escapist fun. Peacocks, drum circles, camping, hammocks, trails, campfire... pretty much all of my favorite things in one place.

I hope you all have a fantastic end of the week, and much love to all the Mothers. I plan to call my Grandmama, better carve out an hour or so... !

Thursday, May 6, 2010

pip pip!

Warning, self-congratulations follow soon!

Well, some boyfriend praising, too... this morning Travis and I actually got up (turned on the light) when the first alarm went off. Then the second alarm went off, and we really did hop up! And went for a walk! Huzzah!

Although we bike to work each morning, I feel guilty when tabulating my daily cardio count as 45 minutes of cycling, due to the fact that bike commuting involves alot of coasting, stop and go, and slow rolling. Which is good for not arriving to work a sweaty, red faced hot mess (unlike post-spin class). So I am determined to start working on my Chi Walk/Running (Darth Vader breathing anyone?) one step at a time. We walked, then I sprinted home.

So, here is my reward, a day of Julie Doiron on grooveshark. She is playing tomorrow night at one of my most favorite music venues, Mississippi Studios.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

rosy posy day

As the cat comes in to wake me from my slumber, I open my eyes to the canopied peaks of my darling bed tucked away in a secret attic bedroom.
While the sun rises, I take a long soak in the tub to start my day.

After  preparing hand picked eggs and fresh goat cheese I'll read the paper in the east facing sitting room
{living etc via city sage}

After indulging the mind,  I'll adorn the body with whimsy and color

I'll walk down the path to my little red barn where my loving animals reside.

Checking in on the new spring chickens, perhaps taking a few photos of them in impossibly cute positions.

A nap must follow such an entertaining morning, so I retreat to the orchard for a sun dappled rest.

Then perhaps a dinner party with a few of my closest friends

then off to sleep...
and dream of riding the subway in our underpants

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

rain falling on cinder blocks

This morning as I picked up the food pail to scatter feed for the chickens, two pairs of beady eyes peered up at me from inside the cinder block where food pail sits. Our resident rodents, pesky little buggers that love dining on chicken feed. One guy hightailed it outta there, but the other one got stuck in the other hole and zipped in a few circles before practically jet launching out of the block and into his little rat hole.

Not sure what to do about this. Rat trap, yes. Poison, no. And when we do catch the furry dudes, what do we do with them? This might be a problem for craigslist. "FURRY FRIEND NEEDS GOOD HOME... Well fed backyard rodent. Resourceful, lives well with chickens...."
Then post this picture:

Images: 1, 2

Monday, May 3, 2010


Jam packed * fun fizzled * mossy meadows * weekend warriors * good times with my best bud T *

I bought many vegetables but had trouble finding time or energy to cook them. Travis made use of the spring onions for a killer grilled cheese. Finally Sunday night I buckled down and stir fried some baby bok choy, carrots, radishes, red cabbage, brussel sprouts, and onions. I had so much cooking inspiration this week, but its spilling over into next week! Perhaps some baking tonight of the strawberry rhubarb kind...

The camera tried to join my on our hiking adventure to Punchbowl falls, but alas, decided to rest in the car and take a weekend off. We all need a break sometimes, so I let time and photographic evidence fall by the wayside as I wandered through the forest. Wildflowers and titillated hummingbirds greeted us as the path wove its way along the ravine, bordered on all sides by mountain peaks.

After the hike, T and his cohort found a disc golf course to try out, while my lady companion and I rested in the sun, sprawling near the creek. I intended to crochet, however the yogas took over my limbs, and headstands comprised most of my creekside time.

We then ventured to a new brewery near home, Migration Brewing Co. Such a cute new hangout! Lovely use of garage style door making a wide open dining area. It was a bit windy so we skipped the parking lot patio and took over the sofa area. Portland seems to lack in patio seating, due mostly to the weather. Fortunately Glisan is a relatively low traffic street, which makes for a nice atmosphere. I'll be back to take some pics and sip on their home-made microbrews.

Images: {frolic} - liikennevalo - weheartit - me