Monday, May 3, 2010


Jam packed * fun fizzled * mossy meadows * weekend warriors * good times with my best bud T *

I bought many vegetables but had trouble finding time or energy to cook them. Travis made use of the spring onions for a killer grilled cheese. Finally Sunday night I buckled down and stir fried some baby bok choy, carrots, radishes, red cabbage, brussel sprouts, and onions. I had so much cooking inspiration this week, but its spilling over into next week! Perhaps some baking tonight of the strawberry rhubarb kind...

The camera tried to join my on our hiking adventure to Punchbowl falls, but alas, decided to rest in the car and take a weekend off. We all need a break sometimes, so I let time and photographic evidence fall by the wayside as I wandered through the forest. Wildflowers and titillated hummingbirds greeted us as the path wove its way along the ravine, bordered on all sides by mountain peaks.

After the hike, T and his cohort found a disc golf course to try out, while my lady companion and I rested in the sun, sprawling near the creek. I intended to crochet, however the yogas took over my limbs, and headstands comprised most of my creekside time.

We then ventured to a new brewery near home, Migration Brewing Co. Such a cute new hangout! Lovely use of garage style door making a wide open dining area. It was a bit windy so we skipped the parking lot patio and took over the sofa area. Portland seems to lack in patio seating, due mostly to the weather. Fortunately Glisan is a relatively low traffic street, which makes for a nice atmosphere. I'll be back to take some pics and sip on their home-made microbrews.

Images: {frolic} - liikennevalo - weheartit - me

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