Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Dirty

That's what time it is indeed... mountain biking tomorrow, plus some berry picking, river swimming, yoga-ing, horseshoe tossin, bbq grillin. Then repeat it all the next day! and the next, and the next...

I'm teaching yoga in the park this weekend, join me!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A place to lay my head

distant peak

a place to lay my head

cracked wood

the hammock heaven
path into enlightenment
sacred destinations

Travis took captured these lovelies. I uploaded to his flickr.
A day off for my adventure buddy involves driving through the local stratovolcano's foothills. Hiking as far vertical as possible. Hang a hammock. Read a book until nodding off under the whispering cedars.

This evening after work my roommate remarked that she enjoys spending when we all spend evenings in the backyard, candles lit (bug spray out), hammocks hung, slackline slacking. She feels relaxation makes her doubly efficient when taking care of other chores. I agree.

Here are more of Trav's beautiful pictures, these being from the polar opposite time of year...  the Arctic Blast of Winter 2008. He's quite the photographer.

Snowy Cityscape 2

MLK blvd

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Someday I'll Fly Away

However, this week I will be working on my roots. Friday is my last day at work. Making the decision to leave my job has been the most exhilarating, scary, reckless and amazing decision I have ever made. Every move I have made in my life thus far always involved a calculated safety net. This time however, is different.

I have no job lined up. My portfolio is pitifully out of date. I can barely look at my resume before getting fed up and stomping away from the computer. This would explain the dearth of posting here, my inability to upload photos of my garden, adventures, and fun fun things. Everything in me is rebelling, trying to escape the 17 inch glowing screen. My body wants to open, not sit: stagnant for hours upon hours. Freelance is a possibility, since that would hopefully open up my office to hammocks and sunny parks surrounded by my fellow goofy Portlanders who can't stand to be inside during our glorious summers.

That is why my only gig lined up is teaching yoga! (Which you already heard about of course)

I want to get my hands dirty. Play in dirt all day. Brew some coffee, smile at children.

I believe that if I take this leap of faith, my dreams, my passions and desires will flower. Opportunities will present themselves. And I will have the freedom, the space, the grounded roots to be able to accept.

So this week I am grounding down. Finding my source of strength. Then flying free.

images via weheartit
*that first image reminds me of a fellow yogi friend's work: UpRoot by Stevee Postman

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yoga with Alice

Tuesday and Thursday nights 7:30pm, I will be teaching Vinyasa at Yoga Bhoga!

I am so honored to join my beloved teachers in this space. 
A huge wall of windows let in amazing summer sunlight, and the studio is so serene.

Portland, Oregon 97214

More details coming soon.... check here for yoga related bits!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mulch Madness

Sunday was a day for outdoor productivity. After reading several chapters in my beloved hammock, I cleaned, organized, and did some shopping. Tulsi in bulk from The Herb Shoppe. Aquamarine essential oil blend from Escential Oils. Soaker hose, water faucet splitter, and brand new garden hose all joined me on the little blue bike and we made our way home.

The tomatoes, newly transplanted to the front yard for maximum sun exposure are wilting a with the first heat wave of the summer (we hit 100 people!)  My lazy morning routine doesn't provide much time for watering, but I think I can mange to turn a knob while running out the door.  After turning on the hose for a test run last night, the temperature decrease was palpable. I think our plants will be much happier from here on out. We spread a nice layer of mulch to help the soil retain some lovely nutrients and friendly worms.

Oh! And the poppy seeds I planted have started blooming! All are red so far, I was hoping for some pinks and purples too. The tallest sunflower is as tall as me! I bought some lupine seeds which I hope to give a head start this summer, and set up for flowers next year.  Pictures you say? Alrighty!

How is your summer garden?! Trying any new things?

Source: will you be my patronus?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

pimientos de padron

Coming soon!
As I tweeted yesterday (yes I tweet occasionally, yesterday I was exceptionally talkative on the interwebs) I am quite sad that my beloved garlic scapes have left the farmer market booths. However, that signals the heat, and the return of peppers to the market! As I left the market with a half flat full of various berries, I paused near the shelled English peas. I almost talked myself out of buying some, but the cash in my wallet cried to be let out (I hate to disappoint money from embarking on its travels). After I purchased the peas I inquired about when their season would end. As luck would have it, this was the last day they were to be sold! Viridian Farms is known locally for their unique products, and despite my sadness at the changing of the produce season, I remembered the delicious samples of their signature pimientos de padron from last year! Now, my mouth is watering for some salty sauteed peppers...

Images: 1  2

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Story of the Curious Oysters

Unbeknownst to me, oysters on the open flame are amazingly easy and delicious! After a couple years working at a seafood restaurant, shucking oysters in a hurry became another skill tucked into my toolbelt that rarely gets exercise. I was pleased to learn I've still got it!

My buddy from back home who is living in Seattle now, drove down this weekend to join my friends and I camping on the Oregon Coast for the holiday weekend. I rounded up the extra spicy cocktail sauce, lemons, and started shucking! Dave had the idea to throw them on the grill, and surprised us all when they started popping open, ready to eat.

I enjoyed their gently cooked plumpness. The black ringed edges frilled up like a lovely skirt. Next time I'll report back with proper food porn.

See the cute little baby barnacles attached to the oyster shell? We also took a little day trip down to Seal Rock state park, to wander in the tide pools and make new friends with anenome, starfish, and dozens of other tiny creatures!

I don't think I will be making any more trips to the coast without picking up a couple pounds of oysters... way too easy and delicious to pass up for a quick camping appetizer!

Images: 1   2

bears eat beets.

Beets are amazing. Fact.
This farm in East Austin has the most lovely, organic identity. What better eye candy for a graphic designer who loves to garden!
I want all of the shirts, bags, and tomatoes.

I made the lettering using pieces of wood that had been inked and printed. So I tried to do some illustrations of beets and carrots and making the letters JBG with those pieces. It felt right. It reminded me of plotted farm land, or crop circles, or quilts. It was very elementary to a degree, a back to basics, building block exercise for me. And then I realized that a farm is very much like that. Using what you have… the land, the equipment, your hands, hard work, different people from different backgrounds… and putting those pieces in action to produce something that changes seasonally. Much like the boxes of produce, you never get the same thing twice. There’s a system, but it’s a very organic one, pardon the pun.
JBG’s blog

Johnson's Backyard Farm via Brand New

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blue Steel

Pedalpalooza 2010... The one ride I managed to attend exceeded any expectations! Next year I will make a concerted effort to attend as many as possible. Making friends and riding across town with a bike gang is just so cool. The pace is slow and leisurely, tunes are pumping out of the car battery powered stereo, what more can you ask for? Okay, a tutu perhaps,  but that is another ride in itself!

Irving Park

Tall Bikes roll by

Music Man Arrives

Car Battery Powered Disco Ball

One Car

Race you to the Top

Home Stretch

Sweet Rewards

Trusty Blue Steel

Uke Buddies

 Video footage is awaiting editing and compiling... coming soon.
 Click on any of the images for more play by play commentary!

Upon deciding to name my bike Blue Steel, a google search eventually led me to this gem (random):