Thursday, July 22, 2010

A place to lay my head

distant peak

a place to lay my head

cracked wood

the hammock heaven
path into enlightenment
sacred destinations

Travis took captured these lovelies. I uploaded to his flickr.
A day off for my adventure buddy involves driving through the local stratovolcano's foothills. Hiking as far vertical as possible. Hang a hammock. Read a book until nodding off under the whispering cedars.

This evening after work my roommate remarked that she enjoys spending when we all spend evenings in the backyard, candles lit (bug spray out), hammocks hung, slackline slacking. She feels relaxation makes her doubly efficient when taking care of other chores. I agree.

Here are more of Trav's beautiful pictures, these being from the polar opposite time of year...  the Arctic Blast of Winter 2008. He's quite the photographer.

Snowy Cityscape 2

MLK blvd


  1. I would like to hang in a hammock right now in your backyard. Sounds very relaxing indeed!