Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blue Steel

Pedalpalooza 2010... The one ride I managed to attend exceeded any expectations! Next year I will make a concerted effort to attend as many as possible. Making friends and riding across town with a bike gang is just so cool. The pace is slow and leisurely, tunes are pumping out of the car battery powered stereo, what more can you ask for? Okay, a tutu perhaps,  but that is another ride in itself!

Irving Park

Tall Bikes roll by

Music Man Arrives

Car Battery Powered Disco Ball

One Car

Race you to the Top

Home Stretch

Sweet Rewards

Trusty Blue Steel

Uke Buddies

 Video footage is awaiting editing and compiling... coming soon.
 Click on any of the images for more play by play commentary!

Upon deciding to name my bike Blue Steel, a google search eventually led me to this gem (random):

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  1. yay a ukulele picture!! you look like a natural ;) that looks like the perfect fun!