Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fabulous and Opinionated

As the premier of Season 3 approaches, Mad Men fever is at high pitch. Thankfully, a pair of self described "bitchy, funny gay guys" who refer to their followers as "bitter kittens" delight in obsessing over fashion, television and style.

If you want spoilers, here's where to get them. Or, rent the DVDs, and read the commentary afterward! I promise the socio-political dialogue is extremely compelling, and their relationship with the costume designer for Mad Men provides invaluable insight into the characters and their motives.

As we while away the summer doldrums, thinking of nothing other than Mad Men, Tom and Lorenzo pick up their game and dissect each lead character and their personal style.

They also post pics of fabulous celebs in fabulous clothes and say what everyone else is thinking, but would never dare say out loud! Hooray internet!

screenshots from: Tom and Lorenzo

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