Monday, June 7, 2010

burgers and knitting

First, there were these...
Rather than stocking up on strawberries or turnips, I filled my new bike basket with hostas!
Two varieties, much like the ones pictured above. The one on the left, more of a jade color, is called serenity, and has flower buds already! I bought it from a hilarious woman that runs the Think Unique garden stand at my local Hollywood Farmer's Market. Interesting post by fellow Portlander about the history of the Hollywood neighborhood in Portland.

Our apple tree is a sprawling, ancient tree that shades most of the yard. The backside has been hacked back for years it appears, allowing sunlight to find the raised garden beds. The small bed under the tree is empty, and now my new baby hostas and one shasta daisy have a new home. Though we are renting, we are planning another 12 months in the house, so I cannot resist my green thumb, and creating herb gardens, stone paths in our green utopia.

Then it was time for adventures outside of town, to take advantage of the first sunny day in weeks! Unfortunately our designated state park was closed (odd) so we found a nearby disc golf course (overrun by families, strollers and strange wandering people, unaware of discs hurtling at high speeds near their heads).

Naturally, I became bored/frustrated within 5 holes, and went to find my fellow slacker friend who had set up with a blanket and book in the sun while the boys competed for victory. My trusty hammock in tow, I found a shady spot (skin cancer is prevalent in my family) and worked on my latest knitting love.

This will be the second head scarf I am working on, the first is en route, perhaps delivered to my baby sister for her 25th bday! I love the pattern, easy to memorize, small project, quick results. Always a stunner!

Post-fun in the sun required some grilling outdoors, and Travis concocted a buffalo burger stuffed with herbed chevre, garlic and onions! Whoo-ee. The garlic scapes from the market (yes I did pick up a few edibles! cookies... ) grilled up perfectly.

Aaaaaand, Sunday was rainy lazy. I biked up to see Trav at his new gig at a neighborhood brewery, very delicious treats there. The bike ride was through some of my favorite neighborhoods as well as some new ones. I have some pictures of lovely amazing gardens from a walk earlier in the day that will come around here soon.

How was your weekend? There are such crazy different weather patterns all over the country right now, making such different experiences for everyone!

images: hostas, disc golf, head scarf, burger, garlic scape.


  1. This could maybe be the best title to a blog post, ever. Though, I don't know how to knit, only crochet - so maybe Burgers and Crocheting would be more fitting for me...
    Your head scarf is brilliant! I love it so!

  2. That burger sounds absolutely delicious and that head scarf is gorgeous!
    Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Thanks for leaving such sweet comments over at my blog :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! The knitted head scarf is a great idea!