Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Surf's up

So ready to hit the coast... see some sun and blue skies. I can't help but think of these images though, when I see our beautiful, clean sand. Clean water. Clean islands, beaches, animals.

Last weekend was a sunny, happy weekend, which I spent coughing, sneezing, and mouth breathing. I appreciated the opportunity to lay in my hammock and enjoy the yard, but sometimes you almost prefer rainy drizzily days when all you can do is curl up in bed. As it happens, my laptop is in the "shop" at Apple, getting a part replaced (thank you AppleCare!) so I was unable to blog, waste time on facebook, etc. I read a gigantic epic book (yes about dragons) and did some yoga homework. My third weekend of teacher training is coming up this Friday, hooray!

Fourth of July is just around the corner! I have two campsites reserved on the coast for all kinds of shenanigans. I didn't surf last summer, so I am definitely planning to take advantage of any opportunity this year! A friend recommended getting a lightweight wetsuit for the icy rivers up here, I love swimming so much, that is one of the things I truly miss about the South... warm, lazy rivers.

Image: Otter Rock, Oregon 2008


  1. hoorah for dragons! I would have done the same thing!!!

  2. Oh my goodness Alice thank you for commenting on my blog! I love yours! And how would I have ever known about it if you hadn't commented!

    Ah how I miss the Oregon coast. My grandparents used to make my brother and I go to the coast with them every weekend in the summer as kids. We're lucky indeed to have such clean beaches..