Tuesday, June 1, 2010

naturey crap

Now it is June, and the rainiest, coldest spring is still drizzling along.
Rain is beyond its green romantic stage. I can no longer defend the overcast skies with lush growth, because nothing wants to grow without sun!

Memorial Day gave us a brief break with sunshine and slight warmth. I weeded, fertilized, seeded some zinnias, wildflowers, and echinacea (coneflower). The wild roses had developed mold on the rosebuds and thorns, so I pruned the heck out of them, and chopped back the gigantic rosemary as well. Our zucchini sprouts are gaining height, and my mammoth sunflowers are trying to keep it up. C'mon summer!

For you:

Check out a new favorite photo set on flickr!

And here is my to-do list for my remaining (2) years of my twenties. But hey, they say 30s are the new twenties, right?! So I'll do a 180 and take a new step forward.

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