Sunday, April 24, 2011

Down the Mountain We Go

What a delightful birthday weekend. A long, scrambling, magical, yogic hike with my love. A partner flying session under the sun in our undies (not too many people on a quiet Friday).

I am a lucky lucky lady.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Waning Tide

The full moon came and went this weekend, with a lovely amount of yoga, mindfulness meditition, bloody mary's & board games, gardening and record store amusements!

Saturday night I led a Street Yoga Jam, and had my first opportunity to lead a Partner Yoga class, based on the Acro Yoga partner flows. It was so fun and silly! The number of participants worked out so that everyone had a partner and I was able to float around, leading the movement and transitions. At first I was a bit flustered, as I had expected to be able to partner and call the class based on experience and personal movement. However, the universe provided a better path. It was nice to be able to circle the partners, and use examples of partners "figuring it out" for other pairs to observe. We spent a nice long time warming up, partner stretching, strength building, etc.

As soon as I set us up for some partner flying, the energy was so incredible! All the students were new to Partner Flying, except for a couple of my friends I brought with me that I have flown a couple of times, very briefly. This experienced created a great, wonderful sense of respect for my teachers, the Acro and Mandala Yogis who hold space for such amazing challenges and liberating movement! I felt spread completely thin, and unable to truly support both groups. We split into 2 groups, with 4 people each, which provided a primary spotter and an extra spotter to help keep an eye on alignment and safety. Every was provided a turn to base and fly.

We emphasized safe spotting, clear communication, surrender and trust! What a wonderful way for Street Yoga to share its mission and create a Saturday night event for the adventurous crowd. I made sure even the guys who think they are "too big" to fly got a chance (I'm a strong and persuasive yogi!)

Ending class with the traditional Thai Massage session allowed everyone to leave relaxed, happy and glowing! I know how addictive this community based practice is, and I am excited to share with as many people as possible.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greenaid : Commonstudio

Greenaid : Commonstudio

Just caught a whiff of this in my inbox this morning! Thank you Land PDX for being so awesome! I sure love Portland.

All week while in San Francisco (for the first time!) I kept remarking about how I was falling in love with a new city, and not ready to go back to Portland's rain. But flying across the climate and geography and arriving to this lush, dense, GREEN wonderland, makes me so happy. And then, to top it off, Portland had the sunniest, cheeriest, happiest spring day yesterday.

I mosied through the parks on my way to work, checking out the joggers, the park knitters, (no cricket games like I saw in SF) and all the wonderful people outside enjoying the day.

As I rolled into the Street Yoga office, our amazing founder Mark came by, and conversation evolved into a brainstorm for Yoga Summer Camp! He said it is meant to be, because that is the second time its come up this week. I exclaimed that Yoga Summer Camp is one of my life goals, and he said ok. Let's do it.....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


One of my favorite scenes from the epic Gandhi, is when his wife and foremost devotee explains to his newest student, that Gandhi took a vow of chastity. Three times. Then finally, made a silent vow, and kept it. When the students asks if he broke it, his wife replied "Not yet :)"

I feel very intimidated by public vows. I completely admire bloggers such as the Reluctant Ashtangi, whom I read daily, who are able to find a deeper personal practice through documenting their progress, and holding themselves publicly accountable. I think it is a measure of my self knowledge that I do not hold myself to rigid expectation, for I know my personality, my past, and how I want to conduct my future. I never want to become dogmatic or closed minded. That said, I also am lazy, and need some discipline!

So perhaps you will see me around these parts a little more in the future.

"Satyagraha is not predominantly civil disobedience, but a quiet and irresistible pursuit of truth"