Monday, April 18, 2011

Waning Tide

The full moon came and went this weekend, with a lovely amount of yoga, mindfulness meditition, bloody mary's & board games, gardening and record store amusements!

Saturday night I led a Street Yoga Jam, and had my first opportunity to lead a Partner Yoga class, based on the Acro Yoga partner flows. It was so fun and silly! The number of participants worked out so that everyone had a partner and I was able to float around, leading the movement and transitions. At first I was a bit flustered, as I had expected to be able to partner and call the class based on experience and personal movement. However, the universe provided a better path. It was nice to be able to circle the partners, and use examples of partners "figuring it out" for other pairs to observe. We spent a nice long time warming up, partner stretching, strength building, etc.

As soon as I set us up for some partner flying, the energy was so incredible! All the students were new to Partner Flying, except for a couple of my friends I brought with me that I have flown a couple of times, very briefly. This experienced created a great, wonderful sense of respect for my teachers, the Acro and Mandala Yogis who hold space for such amazing challenges and liberating movement! I felt spread completely thin, and unable to truly support both groups. We split into 2 groups, with 4 people each, which provided a primary spotter and an extra spotter to help keep an eye on alignment and safety. Every was provided a turn to base and fly.

We emphasized safe spotting, clear communication, surrender and trust! What a wonderful way for Street Yoga to share its mission and create a Saturday night event for the adventurous crowd. I made sure even the guys who think they are "too big" to fly got a chance (I'm a strong and persuasive yogi!)

Ending class with the traditional Thai Massage session allowed everyone to leave relaxed, happy and glowing! I know how addictive this community based practice is, and I am excited to share with as many people as possible.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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