Saturday, September 3, 2011

High Alpine Bliss

I'm back.

And ready to share. Today is another long day to cap off a week of wilderness trekking, summit hiking and hot springs wallowing. After teaching two yoga classes today, Travis and I head to celebrate the wedding of one of the owners of the fabulous Breakside Brewery. But tomorrow I have all day to blog, do laundry, and share.

So here is a little teaser to share with you. I fully intend to process all my pics and get them up to Flickr. I need to do a better job of photo management... iPhoto is kind of a mess when trying to organize, access & backup your library {please discuss!}. I just recently backed up & deleted over 12,000 photos! And that is only from 2008. My oh my. I've inherited the documentary bug from my dear Dad.

Have a beautiful, safe holiday weekend!