Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tutus on Parade

Pedalpalooza (2+ weeks of bikey fun including the WNBR) has begun.
Tonight, is a ride that speaks dearly to my heart. 
Tutu Food Cart Ride
Whyyyyy do I not own a tutu?! Has the 20-something (how many more years do I get to say that??) Alice lost touch with the 4 year old Alice? She would not overlook such an integral part of a lady's wardrobe.

 Adorable food carts, bikes, silly people... what else do you need in a Portland afternoon??
Perhaps skates?

images: tutu * food cart


  1. You and your food carts! They're still illegal here in Chicago, and there are petitions going round like mad to get them in business! So jealous!

  2. My friends were just talking about making tutus the other day! These are making me pretty excited about heading down to portland this weekend : )

  3. you DEFINITELY need a tutu!! i'm surprised you don't have one! food carts look divine :) wish we had something like that here......