Tuesday, July 6, 2010

bears eat beets.

Beets are amazing. Fact.
This farm in East Austin has the most lovely, organic identity. What better eye candy for a graphic designer who loves to garden!
I want all of the shirts, bags, and tomatoes.

I made the lettering using pieces of wood that had been inked and printed. So I tried to do some illustrations of beets and carrots and making the letters JBG with those pieces. It felt right. It reminded me of plotted farm land, or crop circles, or quilts. It was very elementary to a degree, a back to basics, building block exercise for me. And then I realized that a farm is very much like that. Using what you have… the land, the equipment, your hands, hard work, different people from different backgrounds… and putting those pieces in action to produce something that changes seasonally. Much like the boxes of produce, you never get the same thing twice. There’s a system, but it’s a very organic one, pardon the pun.
JBG’s blog

Johnson's Backyard Farm via Brand New


  1. the illustrations and lettering is beautiful- as are those tomatoes!

  2. I love this farm!
    We often get their produce at the farmer's market.
    I think this post is gonna force me to order a tote ;)
    And that's a very good thing... :)

  3. Nice, you actually motivated me to go buy a tote!