Monday, July 12, 2010

Mulch Madness

Sunday was a day for outdoor productivity. After reading several chapters in my beloved hammock, I cleaned, organized, and did some shopping. Tulsi in bulk from The Herb Shoppe. Aquamarine essential oil blend from Escential Oils. Soaker hose, water faucet splitter, and brand new garden hose all joined me on the little blue bike and we made our way home.

The tomatoes, newly transplanted to the front yard for maximum sun exposure are wilting a with the first heat wave of the summer (we hit 100 people!)  My lazy morning routine doesn't provide much time for watering, but I think I can mange to turn a knob while running out the door.  After turning on the hose for a test run last night, the temperature decrease was palpable. I think our plants will be much happier from here on out. We spread a nice layer of mulch to help the soil retain some lovely nutrients and friendly worms.

Oh! And the poppy seeds I planted have started blooming! All are red so far, I was hoping for some pinks and purples too. The tallest sunflower is as tall as me! I bought some lupine seeds which I hope to give a head start this summer, and set up for flowers next year.  Pictures you say? Alrighty!

How is your summer garden?! Trying any new things?

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  1. Beautiful photo! I love those poppies!

  2. Ahhh! Poppies! You're the first blogger I have seen who has planted some! They're my faaaavorite!

  3. yes pictures please! after last year's debacle with the pepper plants i've steered clear of the summer garden, a bit sad actually. maybe someday i'll have a phenomenal garden...hopefully :)

  4. such a pretty blog!

  5. Ooh Alice, this is my first visit to your blog! And certainly not my last, you've got a new follower :)

    A summer garden is perfect, and fresh tomatoes... mmm....! We planted up heaps of pots of "cut and come again" salad leaves, herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, it's perfect for salads, and carbon footprint? What carbon footprint?

    Have a great day


  6. Thanks patricia! I have all my lettuce spread out in the back of my garden bed, its almost too much of a hassle to snip it. I think next year I'll plant it closer to the kitchen door. Most of it is bolting by now too... but the chickens love their daily bolted lettuce!

    Steph- still working on those pictures...

    The poppies are going crazy too :)