Thursday, July 8, 2010

pimientos de padron

Coming soon!
As I tweeted yesterday (yes I tweet occasionally, yesterday I was exceptionally talkative on the interwebs) I am quite sad that my beloved garlic scapes have left the farmer market booths. However, that signals the heat, and the return of peppers to the market! As I left the market with a half flat full of various berries, I paused near the shelled English peas. I almost talked myself out of buying some, but the cash in my wallet cried to be let out (I hate to disappoint money from embarking on its travels). After I purchased the peas I inquired about when their season would end. As luck would have it, this was the last day they were to be sold! Viridian Farms is known locally for their unique products, and despite my sadness at the changing of the produce season, I remembered the delicious samples of their signature pimientos de padron from last year! Now, my mouth is watering for some salty sauteed peppers...

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  1. ooo, we still had scapes as of this past weekend, I wonder if they're going to be gone now? I was meaning to buy some and make some focaccia!

  2. those peppers look delicious!