Wednesday, May 5, 2010

rosy posy day

As the cat comes in to wake me from my slumber, I open my eyes to the canopied peaks of my darling bed tucked away in a secret attic bedroom.
While the sun rises, I take a long soak in the tub to start my day.

After  preparing hand picked eggs and fresh goat cheese I'll read the paper in the east facing sitting room
{living etc via city sage}

After indulging the mind,  I'll adorn the body with whimsy and color

I'll walk down the path to my little red barn where my loving animals reside.

Checking in on the new spring chickens, perhaps taking a few photos of them in impossibly cute positions.

A nap must follow such an entertaining morning, so I retreat to the orchard for a sun dappled rest.

Then perhaps a dinner party with a few of my closest friends

then off to sleep...
and dream of riding the subway in our underpants


  1. *sigh* so lovely....

  2. well that sounds like just the most perfect day.....i'm with melina...*sigh*