Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i like books

The Selby arrived in my inbox, and really struck a chord with me today. Featuring Jamie Isaia and Anthony Malat, photographer and clothing designer power couple, their house is a maelstrom of fabulosity. They obviously followed the {rules}.
Just this past weekend, Travis and I cleared out our massive bookshelf (which had been pared down by 2 moves previous already) and boxed up the books for reselling. The re-purposed bookshelf is quite lovely with plants and wine glasses, ceramics, cookbooks and board games creating a multi-use area in a new part of the house.

But still, the bookworm in me wants to hoard every aromatic bound-stack of papers. A bookshelf is a visual timeline, much like songs that can take you back, viscerally into a moment in time, a book reminds you of where you were, and how that author changed you in a small, or dramatic way.

So, to get the Selby "all up in my place" I need to collect picture frames, old books, antique trunks, magifying glasses, yellow chairs, gilded mirrors, animal bones...

However opposite of my current minimalist/shedding phase, I look forward to being settled one day in a home where accumulation (but not hoarding!) will occur, bringing wisdom and grace with batty old age.


  1. Oh! That coral curio cabinet is DIVINE.

    When I moved from Denver, I happened to have founded a new friendship with a model who lived in a new city, state and country every 6 months - by her choice. She picked up and left whenever she felt like it. I had asked her before moving how she managed to just pick up and leave all the time. She said firstly, to not fret too much about money - people always think they have to have a horrid amounts of savings before moving. Secondly, to own nothing. She owned just two boxes of possessions consisting of clothes, a few sentiments, etc, and a guitar. She stressed that you couldn't be a collector: books, records, kitchen stuff, etc.
    So I felt inspired and when i decided to move I got rid of SO much. Too much. I gave away nearly 80% of my books, sold about 100 records, bags and bags of clothes, shoes, purses, etc, kitchen items... And I'm HIGHLY regretting this now. I'm not a jetsetting supermodel, I'm a homebody domestic who values a permanent home.
    And as for the minimalist thing, yeah; I used to be huge on that, no clutter anywhere, own nothing that has no function. I'm still pretty set in that way, but trying very hard to break the mold a bit, because yes - who wouldn't want this above apartment?

  2. Really been enjoying your blog lately. Just wanted to stop in and say that :)