Tuesday, May 4, 2010

rain falling on cinder blocks

This morning as I picked up the food pail to scatter feed for the chickens, two pairs of beady eyes peered up at me from inside the cinder block where food pail sits. Our resident rodents, pesky little buggers that love dining on chicken feed. One guy hightailed it outta there, but the other one got stuck in the other hole and zipped in a few circles before practically jet launching out of the block and into his little rat hole.

Not sure what to do about this. Rat trap, yes. Poison, no. And when we do catch the furry dudes, what do we do with them? This might be a problem for craigslist. "FURRY FRIEND NEEDS GOOD HOME... Well fed backyard rodent. Resourceful, lives well with chickens...."
Then post this picture:

Images: 1, 2


  1. yikes! not sure what you'd do with the little buggers once you've caught them...but dang that photo is hilarious!

  2. Wow, that picture is hilarious!

  3. bahahahahahahaah

  4. If they are wild they may not be the "fancy rats" kept as pets. If they are then they probably have not been socialized enough for general adoption. A rat rescue in your area would know more. You could release them somewhere a mile or so away (provided that it isn't someone's yard). Good traps are available from have a heart and on veganstore.com. And please don't use sticky traps! They seam harmless but they tear skin of the rats' feet and any other part that touches the trap, then they usually die of infections.

  5. What is the animal the woman is holding in the second picture? O.O