Thursday, May 6, 2010

pip pip!

Warning, self-congratulations follow soon!

Well, some boyfriend praising, too... this morning Travis and I actually got up (turned on the light) when the first alarm went off. Then the second alarm went off, and we really did hop up! And went for a walk! Huzzah!

Although we bike to work each morning, I feel guilty when tabulating my daily cardio count as 45 minutes of cycling, due to the fact that bike commuting involves alot of coasting, stop and go, and slow rolling. Which is good for not arriving to work a sweaty, red faced hot mess (unlike post-spin class). So I am determined to start working on my Chi Walk/Running (Darth Vader breathing anyone?) one step at a time. We walked, then I sprinted home.

So, here is my reward, a day of Julie Doiron on grooveshark. She is playing tomorrow night at one of my most favorite music venues, Mississippi Studios.

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