Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Oh dear, such a fun, sunny weekend, and now a dreary busy work week. Monday's commute was particularly soggy... essentially like riding through a grounded cloud.

I took many pictures of the magical wonderland that is Horning's Hideout, but have yet to even touch my camera for uploads. This upcoming weekend is another yoga teacher training (with Paul Grilley!!!), which means late hours at work to cover my Friday all day workshop, and yoga homework which is always left to the last minute.

Travis began his new job of hunting for jobs this week. I can't help but envy his "mini vacation" at home, but soon we'll both be super busy, as I plan to take on more yoga teaching as his schedule fills up with bike and food related shifts.

Check out this extremely practical pattern! I love our hardwood floors, it helps me keep the cat fur in check, rather than embedded into carpet. But sometimes it is overwhelming how fast the dust bunnies return!

{greener knitting by the yarn panda}

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