Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hard Work

my poppies

We've dug up dead grass clods, escaped armies of ants, cuddled with a furry friend, spoiled some feathered fatties rotten. I am working on my disc golf throw, tasting summer rye micro brews, practicing yoga in the dappled shade and loving every minute of my dreamy escape.

can you see her?

Today I actually sent out a couple resumes, designed some custom invitations, signed up for a new street yoga gig, harvested some vegetables, cleared way for the winter crop of cruciferous vegetables.

front yard bed

Perhaps my roommates just want to pay me to garden, cook and clean? Think of all the delicious, healthy meals we would feast upon in the verdant garden...


  1. beautiful garden sadly we did not have a garden this year. (princess pout face)

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