Monday, October 11, 2010

Fancy That

{giant turnip}

I harvested my final root vegetable. (I think there are some carrots sprinkled under the swiss chard canopy with no hope for sunlight.) The end of summer turnip became a kashmir curry. Now the kale remains to accompany the brussel sprouts and broccoli into early winter. Fall is drizzling through Portland, allowing bright shiny moments to pop in here and there. Green tomatoes still hang in wild bundles, poking out of orderly fences, crying for help! For sun! For summer!

My life is settling into routine, with a new addition! This week I will begin a part time office job with Street Yoga, an organization I have volunteered with for a couple years now. I look forward to this new chapter in my career, focusing on yoga with my professional skills being put to use for a great cause.

Starting a kids yoga program is one of my new dreams, as with all things, I just need to make it happen. Plan the plans, keep dreaming the dreams, making contacts and putting myself out there. I love working with pre-school and younger kids, and "playing" yoga with them would just be the best.

I am gearing up for my fall cleanse, trying to find a combination of days that don't coincide with my yoga teacher moving to Bali (!) or a monthly book club meeting with the promise of cookies, or my darling Trav's birthday!

 Here is where I get my info. Ayurvedic science recommends a simple cleanse using the detoxifying powers of ghee, combined with whole seeds and healing spices, split mung beans and rice for fast elimination which allows the digestive system to rest, renew, and restore.

The guiding principle of Ayurveda is that each person has the power to heal themselves. Now that my life is beginning to find some cohesion professionally and personally, I will be combining my loves for health, nature and life all together on this blog! Want some yoga sequences? You got it! I take requests.


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  1. How fun! You've got a good thing going on and I'm happy for you! Yes, I want some yoga sequences. I like doing yoga at home and I really enjoy switching it up. Something not to difficult but definitely something that will help with digestion and feeling good in general :)