Monday, March 14, 2011



After reading the Yarn Harlot's post a couple days ago, her assertion has been strongly in mind:

"I am a feminist.  I can say that unequivocally, because I know the definition. Feminism is defined, in every dictionary you will look in, as something like "the  belief in the political, social and economic equality of the sexes." (It is worth noting that the word is equality. Not sameness, since the sexes are not the same, nor superiority, since that's not true either. Nor does it even define the gender of the person who would believe in this equality.)  Since we do not yet have any of those things, I'm still a feminist, and I feel like were I to say I was not, I would be saying that I don't believe in equality, which I do. Firmly. " -- yarnharlot blog

Hearing about cultures across the globe that demand women act/dress/behave within strict guidelines only increases my gratitude for being born into a society that enables freedom of expression. Gratitude for being born into a family of strong, silly women that use artistic outlets to express who they are, and how they see the world.

Spring is on its way! The crocus, daffodils, cherry blossoms... Oh, I live in a beautiful part of the country.

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  1. i love this!! what a great way to express strong feminism. i especially like where it states that it is EQUALITY not SAMENESS because so many get that confused...

    i am proud to be a feminist :)