Sunday, August 12, 2012

Farewell Lovely Bike

Dear little blue bike,

We spent some serious hours together over the past few years. You came into my life, shiny and fast. What an upgrade! Every morning, we raced down the hill and across a bridge. You handled my heavy panniers with stability and grace. Your old and funky shifters were hard to learn, but we got there. Remember the time when I tried to shift from top to bottom gear on that crazy hill and the shifter cable was already frayed? Yup, I shoulda seen that coming. The cable snapped, and I rode for the rest of the day in the toughest gear!

Well, I probably won't see you again, or perhaps I'll learn something new about the stolen bike culture in Portland. I feel lucky that its been over 4 years before my first robbery. The truth is, I have been having adulerous thoughts. Peeking at that Jamis bike online, riding slowly by the bike shop with all the cruisers... its not you. Its me. I'm just ready to sit up on my commute. Have a little basket in front. Or a freaking giant bucket.

So farewell. I hope you are enjoyed until the end of your days.

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