Sunday, November 29, 2009

Traveling through Time

Almost time to hop on that plane and make my way back to the misty Willamette Valley!

What a whirlwind of good food, wine, margaritas, road trips and silly silly family. My sister, Cat flew in from North Carolina Monday night, and we drove up to Tulsa, OK to see my cousin Elizabeth's new house. We ate at a delicious organic restaurant, Elote, whose signature dish was slow cooked sweet potatoes and black beans! We then drove down to Sapulpa where Elizabeth grew up to see my aunt Kathleen's new gallery, The Water Street Gallery. She had some lovely paintings featured, and some of my mom's ceramics as well.

We caravanned with the cousins down to OKC for the feast.. upon which I promptly developed a sinusy cold. Thank goodness for Sudafed.

More pics coming soon!

Sister Cat, Cousin Elizabeth, me, Cousins Julie & Sarah in OKC for Thanksgiving Dinner

Loved every moment with friends and family. I am so very blessed.

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