Friday, June 10, 2011

Feelin' Good

My garden has exploded! I feel like the entire city just BLOOMED while I was away! What a week of 85 degrees temps will do. Now all the roses are showing their colors, my collard greens are big enough for me to notice slug attacks, and the weeds are so so happy.

After a long and energetic vacation back home, I reveled in a silent house this morning. Roommates all scattered at their various jobs, I had a rare few hours with just myself and a quiet, overcast morning. While cleaning the kitchen, I popped out into the garden, dug in the herb garden, fed the chickens a few wilted tomatoes. Something about cleaning the kitchen creates this amazing space for my heart to really settle. I am a homemaker at heart. Whenever my inspiring bloggers share their heart's desire to be a wanderer, I am reminded of my longing for a little farm. My visions of family include goats, chickens, honeybees, and all kinds of rural adventures.

Something about clearing space in my home create space for soulful expression either by movement, writing, chanting, or meditation. This morning, the writing bug caught me, and several topics arose.

Ego, Yoga and Feeling Good
Release attachments to the shapes created within yoga asana. Asana means posture, which reminds us of the emphasis upon the spine. Without a long spine, and comfortable breath, we are not practicing yoga.
Remove the link to the ego, or individual self.
The breath is a messenger to our infinite self, revealing the connectedness between each and every one of us.

Value Assignments
Most of us do yoga to feel good, or look good...
We know that we will feel good after doing yoga, and we know that we might feel bad while doing it, so bad we might want to quit, walk out, never come back.... but we don't. We Stay.
We have been told that "Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body"
Look past this conditioning. Remove the value assignments. There is no feeling good or feeling bad... Just Feeling.

That being said, I love this song:
My Brightest Diamond "Feeling Good"
Dark Was the Night Compilation

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