Monday, July 11, 2011


firefly posture

The yin aspect of yoga brought me head over heels into my practice. My initial once-weekly yang practice introduced me to the transformative power of yoga, but when I found my first yin teacher, I truly fell in love with yoga. [hmmm i think i am overdue some yin yoga photos... pretty much all yang]

Dealing with friends/family/students with a variety of skeleto-muscular issues, I constantly strive for more comprehensive knowledge of anatomy. Yoga Therapy is the way of the future. In Portland, Yoga Centers almost rival the ubiquitous coffee shop on every corner. One day, that type of knowledge and self empowerment could be as easy as a daily cup of jo. I truly believe that health is the next aspect of social revolution. Jesus and Buddha initiated religious transformation with the concept that every individual is capable of self-enlightenment or realization. When every person has control, or at least comprehensive understanding of their own true health, insurance companies will not be able to continue the type of stranglehold they maintain today.

Rod Stryker's article in the Summer Yoga International magazine sits with me daily this month. His reflection on dharma, and the goal of bodilessness as true health is truly piercing. I shared a quote with my Street Yoga clients last week, and I took it as a good sign that one of the students pulled out his pocket notebook and jotted down notes after class. Whether is was regarding asana or philosophy, I don't know... but I hope I aided in some clarity.

Points of Practice
Destiny and Desire
 | The four aims of life offer each of us a blueprint for fulfilling our unique potential in this world.

By Rod Stryker
*the article isn't available online, but I plan to recap my thoughts soon....

I have been subbing for my friend and fellow yogi, Leigh Drake as she completes Paul Grilley's 100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This article looks particularly helpful, as just sitting in vajrasana is quite difficult for me. I don't experience any discomfort in my daily life (yet) but when I sit in this posture, I experience very uncomfortable sensation. I love the final closing of the article, "Remember, no pain, no pain!"

Love & Light

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