Friday, January 8, 2010

craft and love

Crafty fun! I wish I had more time to make big messes and play with colors, textures, fibers and scissors!

One day... I will have a craft room. Shelves of brightly hued yard stacked tall, mounds of bobbles and string, paper and glue everywhere!

One day... I will make so many knitted and crochet goods that I will open an etsy store!

One day... is today!

In yoga class the other night, we were instructed to finish the following sentence:

I am so grateful and happy that....

the only thought that crossed my mind was "I AM" "here"

The present is so full of potential, and for us to tap into that infinite possibility every moment is so glorious... just knowing that I am on the path brings me joy in the smallest moments of my day.

As the heartbreakingly emotional Colt McCoy said last night after the Texas loss... "I never question why things happen the way they do... I know God is in control of my life"

may your god, goddess, spirit, light shine in your life!

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