Monday, January 11, 2010

Teeny Tiny Eggs

We boiled the baby egg.
It had a yolk tinier than my pinky nail! Probably as tiny as the pinky toe nail (which as many of us know... its barely existent!)

Anywhoo I was reminded of this miniature adventure by the lovely abbytrysagain on etsy.
{her blog is lovely too!}

"I recently returned to my childhood home and started to photograph all of my Mother's collections. 
This is probably her strangest one-a collection of eggs from all sorts of animals including geeses, snakes, emu and doves." link

Here is a lovely pic by my roommate, Joel, master photographer as well:

That's the tiny baby egg! We portioned it out and tasted tested... just as amazingly delicious as the large ones.

I spent some time this weekend learning the tricks and tools of the manual setting on our DSLR... took some knitting pics and still life (very low light!)

Pink Cable Hat
pink cable hat by me

pinecone by me

I'll post more of the still life later!
Thanks for reading

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