Tuesday, January 26, 2010

numero 27 el corazon

Numero 27 El Corazon, originally uploaded by Jello Kitty.
When I first discovered typography as one of my loves, I knew that the clean, simple lines of Futura, Century Gothic and the like were for me.

I have since accepted the presence of the serif, and even gone so far as to utilize them in many of my designs...

But what amazed me was discovering the history of typography. That Futura and her friends were actually early 20th century fonts that broke away from the traditional serif pack. The world of design opened up to me and provided a post-collegiate education that was a self directed study in what had always been a passion for me. (My English Lit essays were probably the only ones produced in Quark!)

Vintage captures the imagination of a technology inundated society. The new moms and dads of my generation can remember a time before cell phones and internet, but their children never will. Its nice to see a movement towards neo-luddite tendencies with tactile things.

Moving away from the mind, the sedentary bodies, and leading with the heart. The blood-pumping, dynamic heart. El Corazon.

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