Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blog Facelift: Time for Change


When life rattles and shakes and rolls, I am thankful for the ability to roll with the punches. I attribute this grace to my yoga practice, which I was drawn to thanks to my early years in gymnastics. ( I also am a recent YNAB convert/pusher/lover. Finance is my new best friend. I'll add that to my list of blog topics to share soon!)

I love that yoga is a discipline, a practice, that is never complete. There is no trophy (on my path) or final destination. While enlightenment is a motivating goal for many, my teacher Michael Stone describes enlightenment as something we must seek in everyday life. This practice of daily, ethical mindfulness is a act of political activism. A radical act of caring for eachother, and this planet.

Today, I find myself in an empty space. A space full of potential, light and freedom. I seek these spaces in my life, and I rarely panic. The one time in my life when I felt out of control was the period of pregnancy and new motherhood. I accepted the gift of unemployment as a way to slow down and prepare for motherhood. I am now paying the wages of interest fees on that gift, but I have no regrets.

Freelance is a lifestyle that requires discipline, confidence, and creativity. Mortgage Bankers smile at you, while informing you that your income, your career is not quite valid enough to qualify for home ownership. As a student of astrology, it make sense that I am the earthy, grounded Taurus, able to keep my feet on the ground in such a windswept career. My life partner is a fiery Scorpio who is tethered to his job with the strongest sense of duty and work ethic I have ever witnessed.

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