Thursday, June 11, 2015

On Goal Setting

I've heard contrasting advice. Never post your goals publicly, its a surefire recipe for failure. Or, make your proclamation loud and proud. Hold yourself accountable to your audience.

I'm experimenting with a middle path that speaks to my nature. Discuss, share, explore, and make my goals part of my journey. There is no finish line. (stole that line from my gym's walls this morning) I recently heard a lovely podcast regarding the fear of death, and how it is revealed in the way we conduct our everyday life. I'll find that link, but not now. Right now I am writing. 15 minutes. Stream of thought. Timer on, music blasting. Does music help you write?


I've always listened to the booty bouncing, high energy, hip-hoppin, mega bass tunes for exercise. Missy Elliott gets me pumped. A friend recently shared that she listened to books on tape for her runs. I tested this out with my beloved Michael Stone podcasts. I had to switch back immediately. Running is all about the rhythm for me. I do need to carve out a space for listening to my podcasts for consistently. Working from home, I love avoiding the commute, but there is something valuable about that in-between space.

I posted a core meditation I practice on my website, and placing it there felt right, as it is a core part of my identity, as a professional, a yogi, a friend. Finding that in-between space in the breath fills my life with so much peace.

I wish for all beings to find peace, truth, and liberation.

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