Monday, February 8, 2010

forest underground

my heart leapt when I beheld these amazing rugs!

Angela Adams's collection features furniture, unique ornate rugs, and many other amazing designs! Someday I would love to invest in such a whimsical and beautiful rug.

I could spend hours watching the slideshow on her website... so many amazing forms, collections and colors!


  1. So gorgeous! I love that 2nd photo... I could totally live there and be happy :)

  2. Those rugs are art! I'd be that girl that would only let you walk around the perimeter if I had them in my place.

  3. angela adams is one of my favorites! whenever i walk by her shop (she's from maine like me! it makes me happy) i have to force myself to keep walking and not go in. i know i can't afford to buy a rug... so i refuse to torture myself!

  4. Elizabeth - I agree! I would want to hang them on my wall... how could I ever justify dirtying such a lovely thing :)

    Mallory - Good restraint!! I have to refuse to enter most shops for that very reason. The internet isn't much safer, but checkout processes can be so tedious that I usually am able to come to my senses before checkout :)