Friday, February 12, 2010

fashionista friday

I finally remembered to bring my camera to work to shoot some of my new hats against this turquoise wall. Its the Portland building, which won the honor of Ugliest Building in America recently.

outfit detail

I am so inspired by fashion blogger, Tieka of Selective Potential. Her quirky, wintry style inspires my new northern wardrobe, with colors, layers, patterns and tights! She loves wearing tights, even claims they are warmer than jeans! (ha)

New Yellow Hat

Ironically, the awesome pink scarf I am wearing is from Austin, TX! That is probably why it has lasted so many years, because there is rarely an excuse to wear a huge wooly scarf in Texas. Although this week's dumping of snow sure has surprised everyone.

we love hats
Walking home after breakfast... showin off our awesome hats!

my newest

All hats knit by me!!


  1. your hats are beautiful, alice!! love them

  2. thanks! they are such a quick, instant gratification type project. I have to wear them a couple times before gifting too :)