Wednesday, February 10, 2010

view from Mt. Tabor

view from Mt. Tabor, originally uploaded by jena:rator.
Last night after work I pedaled across town to summit the resident southeast Portland volcano. By the time I huffed and puffed my way to the top, the last rays of sunshine were disappearing behind the west side hills. I was joined by my bike lovin Travis, and we sat on a bench and observed the steam rising off of his sweat soaked head.

After a bit of cuddles we rode down to the playground in the Mt Tabor park, and he worked on monkey bar chin ups while I did a few set of squats. Before leaving I jumped on the monkey bars and half-way attempted to swing across them, like the good ole days. No dice.

After remarking that we should make this a regular routine, I declared I should set a goal to make it all the way across the bars by summer time. With this empowering thought in mind, I jumped back on the bars and grunted and swung myself almost all the way across!

I can't wait until the view from the top returns to the flowery splendor in the picture above! Every day the sun stays out later, soon I will be squinty my eyes at the midnight sun, dreaming of fireside cuddles fondly.

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  1. such a beautiful view :) good luck with those monkey bars...i know i'd be falling right off! ha!