Tuesday, April 20, 2010


for her

for him

this reminds me of my grandmother's vintage deco-style wedding ring. with a bit of a modern interpretation. not really my style, but it caught my eye. would you wear it for a lifetime?

unconventional and stunning
{etsy - kateszabone }


Just dreaming out loud :)


  1. i love these :) especially the deco-style one. so perfect.

  2. So, I'm torn. Some days, I think *no engagement ring at all!* Luckily, that's not so often. But I decided a long time ago that I don't even really like diamonds, and that I wouldn't want one. A feeeew times a year, that thought lifts and I see a diamond I really love (like the first photo) and think *yes!*. But in the end, I'll probably want the deco-styled one, sans diamond - maybe a ruby or pearl instead, my birth stones? I definitely want an old ring, as I pretty much only wear vintage (read, my grandmother's) jewelry.
    Ha, and side note, I made sure to make sure my boyfriend knew at the very beginning of our relationship that Greeks wear their engagement/wedding bands on the right hand. I had to do it with care, in fear of looking like Crazy New Girlfriend, but I happen to wear my grandmother's ring every single day on my left ring finger, which I skillfully explained without looking like a desperate wannabe bride. I did well, he often explains to friends when they see my everyday ring on my finger and freak out :)

  3. What an interesting flip of tradition! I love my grandmother's ring, but there are many aunts and cousins who fall before me in that passing down the line :)

    I'd love to do more research to find a vintage ring with a unique stone. Travis initially declared I couldn't help pick a ring when the time came, but I made the point that if I am wearing it for the rest of my life, I don't think its too big of a deal to pick it together. Plus, I am picky :)

  4. I've been saving images of rings lately, despite not being much of a jewelry person. These are all really lovely and the rough diamond one is actually in my saved folder :) I especially love the art deco style, my great grandmother's engagement ring looks like the empire state building with the art deco built up setting too! Thanks for sharing so many pretty styles. x