Tuesday, April 6, 2010

chicken butts

This pic makes me so excited for summer! This is our darling chickens' first spring, and boy are they pissed! Silly summer chicks, they don't like all this muddiness. But I just throw a pallet of straw in their play area and they go to town. Such strong talons! Mighty beasts of feather and claw

All of life's problems can be solved with a pile of something to dig in.

Here is a shoddy pic of Peaches and Esmerelda from last fall... they are even bigger now! Big ol' fat chickies. They have been fairly consistent with eggs recently, usually 2 per day. This summer should kick it into high gear, if the sun ever comes out again :) Another rainy day!

Tonight I am resuming teaching my old yoga class at Loprinzi's Gym! I missed teaching, but I really enjoyed having the past year for a little more time to myself and my new house, not to mention attending more yoga classes. I can't wait to share the wisdom and experience shared with me from my teachers, and apply the fundamentals of anatomy I have been studying in my training workshops. I have always struggled with getting "off the mat" as a teacher, walking around and observing students' bodies and unique alignment. The teachers I study with have such mastery of the voice, their call guides students effortlessly through complex and balanced sequences. Granted, I realize the studio where I practice is a home to many experienced yogis, whereas teaching in a gym brings in many beginners to yoga, although with high fitness levels. Its natural to want to look around, and want to watch the teacher guide by example. Its just a matter of finding that balance... OM 

Laurelhurst Park Yoga
Summer Yoga in Laurelhurst Park

Today's soundtrack: Plastic Beach, Gorillaz (on grooveshark!)


  1. GHA! you have chickens?!?! You may be my new role model. i am SO jealous, you have no idea... Well, probably, i'm sure it comes through a tad.

  2. Ya! There is an Urban Farm Store nearby that sells baby chicks and all the supplies, etc. makes it so easy! So many friends I know in the city has or is planning to get chicks.

  3. those chicken butts make me giggle! i so wish we could have chickens...alas we would need a yard :\

    how exciting about your new class! i really miss having you here as my yoga buddy. i haven't felt at home in a class in a long time and just kind of stopped practicing! :( i'm going to look to you for inspiration...no pressure or anything ;)

  4. Haha! I love that first photo, so amazing!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning ;)