Friday, April 2, 2010

spring formal

spring azaleas

Rain in the valley  = Snow on the mountain! I decided these outfit pics will suffice for my Easter celebration. I'm much more into pagan earth worship, so appropriately I will be on a mountain, bidding farewell to winter's frozen sports.

easter dress in the garden

I imagine if I were to wear this frock to a delightful Easter party, I would be surrounded by pastels and florals and frilly things. I think this dark dress brightens up perfectly with flower-pinned belt and would assert itself as the dark rose of the ball. I have a flair for drama I suppose. And dresses.

spring formal

Phoebe joined me in a nonchalant gazing into space photo op.

tiny wildflower
But seriously, so many yards are like an Easter basket explosion! Tulips of all color, bright violet blooms, magenta, fuschia, yellows all popping against the fresh lime green of new growth.

I am so in love with my new necklace from Jenny!
necklace from jenny
It just goes with anythiing, is the perfect length, and makes me feel so blingy!

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  1. that necklace is great and I love the last photo (you look beautiful!)

  2. you look gorgeous alice! love your deck; it looks like the perfect place to sit out and enjoy the lovely lawn :)