Wednesday, March 31, 2010


J. Crew catalouge arrived this week... I had already seen a preview on the city sage's post "Begrudging Admission of Admiration: J. Crew" Her title is intriguing, although I do not begrudge my love for J. Crew. Sure, I could do with less expensive items, and at that point I might actually shop there. ( if you haven't realized by now, my shopping style is cheap! goodwill, thrift, target, oh yea)

{jcrew necklace}
My crafty and fabulous roommate Jenny made me a necklace to rival the one above for an early bday present! She is the best :) After seeing a similar bauble at the outlet mall marked down from over a hundred to still more than she would spend, Jenny got to work with her tools and made her own! 
Picture coming soon...

However the few items I do own from J. Crew, I have had for YEARS. The kind of fabric Target has never even dreamed of. So thrift stores, outlet stores, I keep my eyes open for that label! I scored a pristine condition Banana Republic sweater last fall, and have worn it all winter.

One thing I will invest in is accessories. My skin just can't tolerate a cheap necklace. I have ordered adorable agate pendants from Old Navy, funky multiple strand necklaces from F21, and all of them rub off their fake plating and leave a residue on my skin for days! Its not the visible green kind, just a feeling that the necklace is still on, kinda burning. So I know better now.

This lady knows better too. Hello fabulous!

Etsy propelled me into the world of handcrafted, affordable jewelry, I love ordering one of a kind earrings, vintage necklaces, even thrifted boots!

necklace {BigTinsel}  boots {Dear Golden}  earrings {savage salvage}

Whoa... speaking of fabulousness, check out this necklace from savage salvage's shop!
Who wouldn't want something named Mermaid Farts???!!
i am dying laughing!


  1. mermaid farts are gorgeous! hahaha!! and i too love finding those super fashionable, high quality items on the cheap :)

  2. bahahahahah!!!!!! brilliant!