Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Scenic Route


bridge and a new dress



dino adventure

Travis and I headed up to Vancouver, BC this weekend for his niece Fiona's 1st birthday! We drove up the Olympic Peninsula and drank in the mountain views, verdant meadows, and made sure to pee outside as much as possible. Gas station bathrooms are so grody! When you commit to finding perfect hidden spots among the trees, think of all the fresh air and good stretching you can get! Travis and I marvelled at our amazing idea. I'm sure I am grossing out many of you, but we had a blast. Best adventure buddies ever.


Travis's binoculars have become one of our favorite accessories... We were able to see the elk grazing, napping and showing off thier huge white bums. What sweet, deliberate animals. All the male elk seemed to run off and hide when we showed up. I saw a couple fuzzy antlers at first but then couldn't find them again! Maybe some kind of territory thing. The ladies just plopped down and said "this is our spot, suckas. just try and come over here. see what happens." We declined the challenge.

When we finally arrived in Vancouver, it was party time!

yummy balloon
Gramma's balloon was the best present all day!

sister love
Big sister love

carson and uncle travis
Carson and Uncle Travis play ball... such stylish dudes!

outside time
Such a ham! 
Look at all those teefs!

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  1. eeeps those teefs! what a fun trip - love that pic of you in front of the bridge ;)