Friday, March 5, 2010

all the mountains

Saw several globes gracing the tops of shelves this week. I like.

My parents kept a vintage globe in our house that resembled the dusty colored ocean globe on the far left of the image below. I think it was even a topographical one, and you could feel the mountains under your fingertips as you spun the oversized orb in its stand.

Apologies for my lack of blogging, haven't had much time in the evening to catch up on my blog reading! I have also been trying to downsize my Google-Reader-ship. I had over a thousand blog posts to read after my week of jury duty and vacation. I am the type that sees that number and fees compelled to bring it down to ZERO. Just like my inbox.

If there is an email sitting there that is not in a folder or tucked away somewhere else, it is considered a "to-do" and can be archived only after replying, or following through (such as picking up a library book on hold!) This is very similar to my house-cleaning style. I have to make the bed before I can fold the laundry. Shoes, keys, letters and pony-tail holders all have a home, and should be placed there consistently.

Moving in with my dearest Trav has probably been a sea change for his cleaning habits... I don't think I come across to people as a neat freak, but boy do I love a clean house. Lets the chi flow ;)

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  1. oh the joy of learning our s.o.'s! i'm loving that globe picture...just recently started collecting globes!!