Monday, March 29, 2010

its raining, its pouring

the old man is snoring!

100% raincover. All day.

Wow. I was completely soaked on my way to work today. Living so close to the light rail, its too easy to forgo the bike and all its waterproofy accessories, but today I wonder if I might have been drier on bike, considering I would have been wearing waterproof pants, rather than sodden jeans.

As I type, the sun is coming out. Oh Portland, you and your finnicky weather.

My weekend was relaxing, Travis and I are trying our first Ayurvedic detox, also known as Panchakarma. We are following the guidelines from Dr. John Douillard, whose books I love.

Saturday we headed down to the Willamette River for the opening ceremony of the Dragon Boat Season.

The dragon boats are a gift from our sister city, Suzhou, and the opening ceremony feature monks, dancing dragons, drums and Sam Adams, aka  Mr. Portland Mayor came out and dotted the eyes of the boat Travis and I were on!

(I don't race, its Travis's work team, but they needed some volunteers to fill empty spots!) The Rose Festival is in June, and the Dragon Boat races are a huge event at the waterfront. Last year Trav's team took gold in their division!!

Afterwards we hit up the Farmer's Market downtown, mostly sticking to vegetable starts for the garden. And made lists of all the cookies and cheeses we want to buy next week when our restrictions are off!

I didn't get any nettles but with all the recipes and buzz about it... I better pick some up next weekend!

The afternoon was then spent in the garden, planting my strawberry starts, some chard, snap peas, and a shasta daisy. I repotted several indoor plants, my fushias mainly. They have been particularly haggard this winter... not too sure what they want from me! Maybe more fertilizer?

smokey sniffin everything

A few friends came by to play in the sunshine, and I brought out my yoga mat for some sunshine asana. All in all a lovely Saturday.

Sunday however, Travis and I were exhausted. We woke up feeling hungover which doesn't feel very cool when you go to bed early on a Saturday night with hot lemon water as your evening night cap! From what I understand day 2 & 3 can be the worst as you adjust to the toxin burning. My liver must have been expelling all those winter ales we indulged in.

I spent most of the day resting, knitting, and watched a movie. Travis went into work and felt awful, so I cooked us some cinnamon apples to revive our systems. Worked well, I think we just need to ease into this new part of our life. We had never detoxed fully before, so I think it was especially hard. Hopefully next time we'll be ready for it! Maybe take a day off from work and schedule some massages...

Oh and I also planted seeds for my wildflower/butterfly gardens! And some mammoth sunflowers... I hope the rain didn't wash all of our little seeds away!


  1. I seriously *dream* of riding on one of those dragon boats someday.
    Or at least-getting some photos of them :)
    I'm too shy to ever go up to them, though.
    Beautiful post!

  2. *siiigh...* you seriously make me want to move to Portland...

  3. i'd love to see some abby shots of those dragon boats! i think they are always parked in the waterfront marina, its usually pretty deserted during the weekday down there :)

    and melina, i think you would fit in Portland quite perfectly!