Friday, March 12, 2010


An exclusively maritime adventure I have added to my list of favorites is ferry time! These engagement  pictures by Kristen Marie capture the romance of ferry rides...

a floating reverie

the time comes to frolic in the island woods with loved ones!

oh yes, I love ferries

Travis doin' what he does on a ferry!
and this silly boy


  1. Love these! Oh my. I wish we saw the world with all the haziness in the photos, sans camera...

  2. These are adorable! I love the .gif, there is nothing better than that sort of jagged animation. As a westcoaster who used to live on Vancouver Island, the ferry is an old school institution for me. It's still a bit of a headache but I'm almost able to see the romance of it. Thanks for sharing these :D

  3. Thank you! We love to play with the continuous setting on the camera... I have many more to play with (someday)

    I can imagine using the ferries as a part of daily life could get tedious!