Monday, March 8, 2010

yarn bombing

Found a sweet group on flickr called urban knitting. I encountered my first yarn bomb walking in the Pearl last week, and I look forward to participating someday! My roommate Eric bought a book for his crafy brother all about yarn bombing. It has many great tips about knitting the piece, and designing for quick installation! Perfect summertime sunshine project when its too hot to wear all my darling hats.


wowwwww... what a happy tree!

and... I just saw AVATAR so I totally want to make 2 of these


  1. *shhhh*, don't tell anyone that I've told you:
    Turn to page 108. I'm Vivianne of the Ladies Fancywork Society!
    Well, it's supposed to be Vivian. They spelled it wrong :)

  2. wow! awesome :) i actually need to pick the book up for myself, can't wait